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Among the many different facets of tree work, the most common and expensive one is tree removal.

So what makes tree removal expensive?

Contrary to the notion that tree removal is a simple job, it requires specialized skills to deal with a certain degree of complexity that it entails.

There is so much more that is involved in tree removal.

How Expensive is Tree Removal? Factors to Consider

Tree companies like Golden Gate Tree Removal go through specialized training to be certified to perform tree work including tree removals. Mind you, removing a tree is more than just cutting with a chainsaw.

Not all tree removals will cost the same.

There are different factors that tree companies consider when they give you an estimated cost for a tree removal project.

  1. Complexity

    There are many accounts where homeowners who try to cut a tree in their backyard or trim off branches get into accidents.

    This is because they don’t have the proper knowledge of how tree removal is done safely. They also do not have the proper equipment.

    The tree removal process requires skill and proper planning.

    Before the whole tree is removed, the arborist would assess the condition of the tree, the presence of structures around the tree, and the size and height of the tree.

    After assessing, arborists would plan how to cut apart the tree one section at a time to avoid dropping whole tree sections onto the existing structures on the property or into traffic.

    average cost for cutting down a tree - Golden Gate Tree Removal

    A skilled arborist understands how a tree can hold itself up and how its pieces will respond to being cut with a chainsaw.

    They also know what specialized equipment is needed, such as aerial lifts or cranes to access the tree safely.

    The use of specialized equipment in tree removals is not as easy as driving a car on the street.

    Tree technicians will have to consider setting up traffic control in busy streets.

    They will also need to secure permits and additional flagging support to make sure that no one will be harmed during the process.

  2. Degree of Difficulty and Danger

    how expensive is tree removal - Golden Gate Tree Removal One big reason why tree removal is expensive is that it is a difficult and dangerous job.

    It’s difficult because tree technicians have to consider keeping existing structures around the tree and inside the property unharmed during the tree removal process.

    When sections of the tree are being cut, the arborists have to make sure that they don’t crash down in the living room or in any part of the house nor break a window.

    The danger in a tree removal project is when arborists are asked to work on trees with compromised structures because of storm damage, years of neglect, and old age.

    These are considered dead trees with weak, brittle, and inflexible branches which can shatter broken branches into a landscape or property in an uncontrollable manner.

    This makes them particularly dangerous.

    The worst danger tree technicians can be in is when branches of a tree where they are on break apart.

    Trees can also have electrical conductors running through their branches making it hazardous for tree workers.

  3. Insurance and Licensing

    The tree company industry is a high-risk business. The danger that tree workers are involved in when doing tree removals requires tree work companies to get insurance and licensing to qualify them.

    They have to pay high premiums for insurance so that they can operate.

    We are talking about paying close to 25 percent of what an employee earns just for the insurance.

    These are the types of insurance and licensing that contribute to the reason why tree removal is expensive:

      • Liability Insurance

        To protect the homeowner’s property during hazardous tree removals, a qualified company needs to acquire liability insurance. Most tree companies have a million-dollar liability policy to cover property damage that may occur in case of an accident.

      • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

        Because tree removal can be dangerous, workers’ compensation insurance will help cover injuries sustained by the crew.

      • Additional Licensure

        In addition to the business license in order to operate as a tree company that performs different types of tree work, some municipalities require additional licensure.

    Be careful when dealing with tree companies that offer cheaper tree removal projects.
    They also do too-good-to-be-true offers and they might not carry the required insurance that offers you and their crew protection.

    When something goes wrong, you will be ending up spending for damages several times bigger than the original estimate.

  4. Trained and Certified Workers

    Many times over, the danger and skill needed in tree removals are emphasized.

    Even if a tree company has all the required insurance to protect its crew and your property from damages; if it is famous for poor practices, then look for another tree service company.

    A professional and reliable tree company has current industry credentials and a worthy history of training and experience.

    Indicators of a professional tree business with the expertise to perform any type of tree work include:

    • Certified Arborist
    • Certified Treecare Safety Professional
    • Company Accreditation

    A company accreditation means that the tree company you are dealing with is investing in training and credentialing.

    Although this can add to the reason why tree removal is expensive because training is an ongoing cost, you are assured that the tree company has expert tree workers.

  5. The Weather or Season

    Is tree removal cheaper in the winter? Yes! If you are on a budget constraint, schedule a tree removal service during winter.
    Tree companies give discounts for tree removals in winter for the following reasons:

    • It is off-season work
    • They don’t have to be concerned as much about lawn damage because the lawn and flower beds are covered with snow
    • They can remove larger pieces with less rigging, saving them time
    • Winter is a slow time for tree companies so tree removal requests are additional revenue

Average Cost for Cutting Down a Tree

is tree removal expensive - Golden Gate Tree Removal How do tree companies determine the cost of removing a tree? They consider the time required to finish the project and the price of disposing of the debris.

Most companies charge between $65 and $125 per man per hour.

The big difference in the range can be accounted for by the type of equipment the tree company has and the training and certifications that its employees received.

The better the equipment and the higher degree of expertise allows faster, safer, and more precise work.

Working With a Professional Tree Removal Company

Now that you understand what makes tree removal expensive, you have an idea about how you can choose the best tree company that can finish your tree removal project in the safest and fastest way possible.

Tree Care Tips recommends tree companies that have been inspected and accredited based on industry standards for quality and safety; maintenance of trained, professional staff; and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices. Contact us today and we will take care of your tree removal problem.

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