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Tree Support Systems

California Tree Support Systems That Reinforce Your Trees Structure

Newly planted trees need anchoring and stability.

Weak branches, weak limbs, and multiple tree stems require cable and bracing systems as supplementary supports to reduce risk.

The tree surgeons and arborists at Golden Gate Tree Removal provide tree cable and bracing services as an integral part of their California Tree Support Systems.

After they have carried out a detailed tree structure inspection, they install the needed supplementary cable and bracing support systems.

Urban trees around California’s historical sites and parks often need some degree of supplementary support to reduce the risk of structural failure, hence, we offer our tree branch support services.

If you have a tree in your residential or commercial property in the Pelican State that needs a solution for tree failures, we provide and install these systems.

tree branch support services - Golden Gate Tree Removal

What is a Tree Support System?

Tree support systems help support the tree by limiting the movement of branches, leaders, or the entire tree.

The additional support that they provide helps support the tree by limiting the movement of branches, leaders, or the entire tree.

Our tree treatment specialists at Golden Gate Tree Removal use a cobra cable and a bracing system which is a non-invasive, dynamic, structural tree support system specifically designed to be flexible and shock-absorbing, reducing the impact caused by oscillation.

When Do You Need a Tree Support System?

We install tree support systems in residential and commercial settings whenever it is required and needed.

Most of our clients request a tree support system for these reasons:

  • Support long or heavy branches that might break by a storm or wood failure
  • Stop branches or stems from splitting more
  • Reduce movement of a tree
  • Reduce uprooting
  • Support a structurally weak area of a tree
  • Protect property from damage
  • Maintain aesthetics of a tree
  • Save the tree

Structural Deficiencies of Trees That We Address With a California Tree Support System

  1. Codominant Stems or “v-crotches”

    Our team of specialists installs a tree support system for trees that are at the risk of breakage because of one or more codominant stems.

    These stems show weakness due to a lack of connective tissue anchoring a stem to the tree trunk.

    When the angle of the “v-crotch” is large, the greater the risk of structure failure it poses.

    Hence, we tree cabling services to strengthen the weak area of the tree.

  2. Overextended Limbs

    Another structural problem of trees in California that might need to be addressed with a tree support system is the presence of long and heavy overextended limbs. These are limbs that are unusually long for the tree species that grow horizontally or downward.

    Their leaves are concentrated at the end of the branch adding to the weight of the branch and causing breakage at the junction of the branch and stem.

    Oftentimes, the branch also cracks due to the forces of tension and compression or when the branch is under heavy loadings such as wind, snow, or ice.

  3. Weakly Anchored Tree

    We recommend the installation of support devices such as cables, brace bolts, and guys for poorly anchored trees to provide additional support for the tree. Poorly anchored trees are usually a result of:

    • A substandard root ball
    • Compromised root system with root damage or decay
    • Planting in shallow or compacted soils

Dependable High-Quality Tree Support Systems

tree support system installation - Golden Gate Tree Removal Although pruning or removal are tree services that can be applied to trees with structural defects to pave way for safety, we also install tree support systems if needed.

Our certified arborist in our professional tree support company will inspect your tree to determine whether it needs a tree support system.

He will also let you know the best installation method and inspection procedures needed to ensure that your tree support system remains in good operating condition.

Here are your options:

    • Cabling

      Our tree specialists install cables that can restrict the distance that branches can move in relation to each other. Our cable systems consist of a set of anchors, a cable, and the appropriate means of termination or connecting cables to the anchor.

      Cables may be used in combination with the brace rods.

    • Bracing

      When your tree has leaders spreading farther apart or moving sideways in relation to each other, we install brace rods to reduce the risk for further spreading. These rods also function to fasten together with a junction or branch that is split apart.

      They are typically accompanied by at least one cable for additional support and installed in two configurations:

      • Through rod where the rod is bolted with a nut on the other side of a tree or branch
      • Dead-end where the rod is threaded into the tree
    • Guying

      When trees have been uprighted after being blown over or have serious root defects that cannot be removed due to historic importance or other reasons, guying is done by our tree specialists.

      This tree support system involves the installation of a cable between a tree and an external anchor to provide supplemental support and reduce tree movement.

    • Propping

      We install props or rigid structures built on the ground that supports a branch or trunk. They are placed under branches or leaning trees to keep the branch off the ground or a structure or to provide clearance.

      They are positioned nearly horizontal or growing downward under branches or leaning trees.

    • Staking

      Our tree technicians perform aboveground and belowground staking services (whichever is necessary)  for these purposes:

      • To hold trees upright
      • To keep the root ball in place until the roots become established in the surrounding soil
      • To straighten the trunk of a young tree
      • To protect the lower trunk from injury

      We can also do constant monitoring and maintenance for your staked trees to ensure that your tree is receiving ample support as it grows.

Preserving Your Tree Through Tree Support Systems

tree arborist trimming a tree - Golden Gate Tree Removal
When pruning cannot completely solve the structural issues of your tree, California tree support systems from Golden Gate Tree Removal can be your best option for mitigating these issues.

We provide options for preserving your tree—a living investment—that is valuable to you.

With years of experience in preserving trees that have historical and economical value in California, we install non-invasive tree support systems that provide supplemental support while allowing the natural movement of stems and branches.

This process gives your tree the ability to continue forming reaction wood to support itself.

Being one of the tree cabling and bracing companies, we keep your tree growing healthy while giving the support it needs. Contact our Tree Support System today!

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