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California Tree Removal Services – Quality Work Without a Hitch

Golden Gate Tree Removal is an established tree surgeon in California that delivers high-quality tree removal services.

With extensive experience in the industry, we are able to provide expert advice and perform safe and precise tree removals.

Our tree removal services in California extend to both residential and commercial customers. We work on large commercial contracts, public places, and on small and large residential tree removals, too.

We have the resource, equipment, and experience to take on a wide variety of projects across California. Your tree removal project is unique and we tackle it as such.

Our tree technicians and specialists understand how important it is to leave every customer satisfied and happy with the work that we do.

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Top to Bottom Tree Removal Services

If your trees in California matter to you, they matter to us, too.

California prides itself on many historical sites that have majestic trees beautifying the landscape.

You will see an abundance of great and exotic trees that are used for home and commercial landscapes like the Southern live oak, Southern magnolia, or bald cypress.

No matter how majestic and beautiful a tree looks, since it is a living investment, it also has its lifespan. In California, every tree is either an asset or a liability.

When our professional tree technicians assess your tree and it uncovers a potential issue, tree removal may be required.

Golden Gate Tree Removal company has a team of certified and insured arborists who can work with you to safely and efficiently remove your tree in California.

Since many tree removals are complex and require legal ramifications, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Here is how we carry out California tree removal services professionally, considering your needs and safety:

Initial Phase: Preparation

We believe that preparation is a vital part of any local tree removal companies‘ process that we perform. It ensures the process is not complicated and reduces the risk of accidents resulting from the tree removal.

Hence we follow these steps in preparation:

  • Clearing the Area

    Before we fell or cut a tree, we prepare the area surrounding it through thorough clearing.

    We take the estimated height of the tree(s) and make sure that there is adequate space for the tree or trees to lay flat on the ground.

    This will also give space for a way out when a tree or trees are too close to your building.

  • Finding the Natural Leading Angle of the Tree

    We determine the direction to which the tree(s) lean naturally to ensure that it will fall as planned. However, when your tree is experiencing decay, our professional tree technicians can handle it if it does not fall along its natural leaning angle.

  • Creating an Escape Route

    For safety purposes, we clear an escape path from any obstacle while considering the natural leaning direction of the tree among other things.

  • Determining the Size of trees

    Before we determine the proper equipment we will use to fell or cut your tree(s), we determine the size(s) of the tree(s).We use chainsaws for larger trees with thicker trunks and wider diameters and hand tools (handsaws and the like) for smaller trees.

tree removal process - Golden Gate Tree Removal

Tree Removal Process

Golden Gate Tree Removal has a team of tree technicians for precise and safe tree removals in California.

They are skilled and knowledgeable about tree cutting and removal.

Our safety procedures include using ropes to climb and cut off the tree in bits until the height is sufficiently reduced to cut it from the bottom.

After which, we do an undercut which is a V-cut at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the side where the tree will fall on.

Then, a back cut at the opposite side of the tree about two inches above the undercut to release the stress on the tree trunk.

We alert everyone to stay out of the area and sound an alarm right before we cut opposite the undercut area.

Clearing the Area

When the tree has been successfully cut and felled, we clear the area. Branches will be cut so that there will be adequate space to cut the trunk area.

The trunk and thick branches are then further cut into smaller logs and hauled off the area.

Our team always leaves a tree removal site clean and tidy so that you can move on to your next project.

Stump Removal

This is an optional service in our tree removal process. An old tree stump may not cause problems at first, but if you don’t have other plans on making it a part of your landscape, it can become a nuisance.

A rotting stump can also become a home for damaging pests like termites or carpenter ants.

There are several ways we do stump removals depending on which one is appropriate for you:

  • Grinding
  • Manually
  • Rotting
  • Burning


Working With Golden Gate Tree Removal

We treat every project individually. We believe in working collaboratively and never forget to treat your trees as if they were ours. Here is what typically happens when you ask for our help for tree removals services in California:

  1. You call us and we will know your needs to be solved and your budget.
  2. We will ask you a few questions to understand what the real problem is and arrange a time to visit and assess your trees, free of charge.
  3. We check for planning issues before our surveyor visits you.
  4. Our surveyor conducts a thorough visual tree assessment to note any potential problems.
  5. We prepare a written quotation with recommendations on one or more courses of action sent through email within 24 hours of the assessment.
  6. We agree on the next steps, plan, and set a date when the work will be carried out by our team.
  7. We start work on the date and time agreed.
  8. We talk throughout the project to keep you informed of what we’re doing and why so that you will be fully aware and happy with every step of the tree removal project.
  9. We go to great lengths to clear up any mess and leave your garden as good, if not better than we found it.


Looking After California’s Oldest and Most Valued Trees

Golden Gate Tree Removal is committed to continually work to the highest standards to ensure client satisfaction.

We are a team of talented, highly skilled tree technicians and arborists who offer precise, safe, and budget-friendly tree removal costs in California.

We adhere to strict safety rules and regulations ensuring that we operate in a safe and professional manner.

You can be confident that our methods are environmentally-friendly through the use of modern recycling methods and equipment to process green waste and debris from all our tree removal projects.

Contact us now and we will help you with your tree removal projects.

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