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Termite Treatments

Affordable and Dependable California Termite Treatments

California has hot and humid weather that can leave your home or office vulnerable to swarming termite infestations. When this is left untreated, you will end up spending a lot on expensive damage.

As termite fumigation companies are common invaders in California, Golden Gate Tree Removal can help you with effective, safe, and affordable California termite treatments. Our termite control services will rid your property of these destructive pests and protect your home from future infestations.

Termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage each year, hence, they should not be taken lightly. Our termite technicians are licensed by the California Department of Agriculture, have undergone and continue to receive training so that they are current on industry rules and regulations in California.

Termite Treatment Services

louisiana termite treatment specialist - Golden Gate Tree Removal House Termites can cause irreparable and expensive damage to your property in California. Property owners spend over two billion dollars every year to treat them. The damages can even extend to affecting the integrity and structure of your house.

If you discover termite infestation, you must contact the following label directions.

Termiticides is the general term used for the pesticides we use in the prevention or treatment of termite infestation. It can provide structural protection and can only be properly applied by our team of trained pest management professionals.

The different types of termiticide applications that we do in California are:

  • Liquid soil-applied termiticides
  • Termite baits
  • Building materials impregnated with termiticides
  • Wood treatments

The two common forms of chemical treatment that we use are:

Soil-Applied Barrier Treatments

In Golden Gate Tree Removal, this is the most common and conventional technique for treating termite infestations. We use termiticides that are specifically labeled for this use.

With the proper method that our trained and experienced termite extermination specialists use, you are assured that this treatment is done properly so that it will not cause contamination of your home and surrounding drinking water wells.

Our pest management professionals are trained and licensed to take proper precautions and follow strict application guidelines.

Termite Baits

Termites bait installation - Golden Gate Tree Removal
Through the years, we have also used bait systems to help reduce the overall use of insecticides and their impact on human health and the environment. We use a slow-acting insecticide also approved by EPA for our cellulose baits. The most common active ingredients for EPA-approved insecticides that we use for termite baits are:

  • Diflubenzuron that inhibits insect development
  • Hexaflumuron which is an active ingredient registered as part of a termite inspection, monitoring, and baiting system
  • Hydramethylnon is used to control insects like termites, ants, and the like
  • Lufenuron is an insect growth regulator used to control termites and fleas
  • Noviflumuron used to disrupt termite growth and activity

Wood Treatment

The warm, humid climate of Californiais the perfect weather for termites to thrive. Since wood is a major building component that can be found on everything in your home or structure, here are wood usage and treatment options we recommend:

  • You can buy pressure treated or pre-treated wood that is impeded with a chemical preservative containing insecticide through the use of pressure. It can reduce the risk of termite infestation.
  • Use wood that is naturally termite-resistant like cedar and redwood. They deter termites better than other wood species even when they are placed at ground level. Teak is also very dense and hard to chew through, thus it is a considerable option.
  • Raw wood can be treated especially those that will be installed below-ground, as well as the cut ends that are most at risk.
  • Sealing wood will help prevent water damage that makes your wood more susceptible to termite damage, hence this is another wood treatment you can do.

Our skilled technicians can recognize the early signs of termite infestation and also spot areas in your property or home that could attract termites. We treat wood and apply regular termite control treatments that keep termites in check.

Handling a Termite Infestation in California Professionally

termite infestation in a wood - Golden Gate Tree Removal Golden Gate Tree Removal has pest management professionals who have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment as required by the labels of termiticides. This will assure you minimize risks and maximize effectiveness for every California termite treatment that we perform.

Here is how we professionally handle termite treatments in California:

  • As licensed by the state, we strictly observe safety precautions during termite treatment procedures.
  • We read pesticide product labels and follow exactly how to use them. We are aware of the potential risks and directions to control termites and protect your structure.
  • We will give you a carefully laid out plan on how to perform the termite treatment on your property. You will be informed about the time required before you can go back to your home.

Prevent Termite Damage With Golden Gate Tree Removal Experts

louisiana termite prevention - Golden Gate Tree Removal We value your home as much as you do and treat it as if it was our own. We are your partners in protecting your home from hungry termites.

We understand how great Formosan termite damage can cost California homes and businesses millions of dollars. Termites can be very active and widespread in California, hence, we provide effective and safe methods capable of protecting your home from termite infestations and damage.

We offer a wide variety of termite extermination services, inspection, and termite protection that is suitable for your needs and your budget. Contact our termite extermination team today!

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