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Tree Fertilization Services in California For the Most Valuable Elements of Your Landscape

Trees are the most enduring and often the most valuable elements of your residential or commercial landscape.

They provide good shade and fresh air, protect your home and business establishment from heat and wind, and help reduce energy costs.

Golden Gate Tree Removal are professional tree specialists who provide tree care services in California.

We give your trees a good, square meal that they deserve to survive with the proper amount of nutrients.

Together with sunlight and water, nutrients from our fertilization services will give your trees the strength to grow and fight off disease and pest infestations.

We have tree specialists that can take care of the health of your trees so that they will thrive in California.

Why Fertilize Trees in California?

Forest trees are naturally fertilized by the nutrients recovered from leaf litter and other organic material.

In California, trees tucked in the heart of The Nature Conservancy’s Cypress Island Preserve surround Lake Martin which is home to a sizable nesting population.

The Botanic Gardens also pride in an oak tree-shaded Quad that you can walk through if you want to visit Mike the Tiger.

There are many beautiful forests in California where trees thrive abundantly partly because they are naturally fertilized by organic material on the forest floor.

This scenario, however, does not work for planned landscapes in the urban areas in California where trees need to be cared for and fertilized.

Golden Gate Tree Removal offers tree fertilization services in California to make sure the nutrients in the soil are replaced by regular fertilization.

We will help your trees reach their full potential and make them:

  • Grow to full size
  • Grow vigorously
  • Live longer
  • Have the best defense against insects, disease, and other problems
  • Have a more attractive appearance

With Golden Gate Tree Removal, your tree will be properly fertilized.

You won’t need to worry about your trees being nutrient-deficient regardless of whether it was caused by the environment or other circumstances.

You will be assured that every tree on your property will never have a slow growth rate, off-color foliage, and dead branches.

Tree Fertilization Services From Golden Gate Tree Removal


Golden Gate Tree Removal Tree Fertilization Services

We specialize in trees and have expertise in assessing their condition so that we can implement a beneficial course of action.

Fertilization is only one of the ways we help your trees thrive, yet it greatly impacts the overall health of your trees and their lifespan.

We understand that soils around homes and landscaped areas in California may have poor soil fertility because of many factors like:

  • Removal of fallen leaves and other plant debris which are natural sources of nutrients when they decay.
  • Topsoil loss when construction companies remove it to get the subsoil they use for filling and grading.
  • Subsoils are used in landscaping but they often have poor physical properties, lack adequate amounts of essential mineral nutrients, and contain very little (if any) organic matter.

We recognize that this is a common problem in residential and commercial landscape areas in California, thus we are offering tree fertilization services that will address these issues.

The reasons why we perform tree fertilization are:

  • To correct nutrient-deficiency
  • Maximize the growth of your trees
  • Increase flowering
  • Increase chlorophyll content
  • Help trees recover from stresses like insect feeding, diseases, and other damage
  • Stimulate the growth of slow-growing species

Tree Fertilizing Options

Golden Gate Tree Removal offers a combination of specialized tree fertilizing performed by our highly skilled and knowledgeable tree technicians in California.

You can count on these methods to make your trees stronger, look better, grow taller, and live longer:

  • Deep root fertilization
  • Micronutrient fertilization supplements
  • Macronutrient fertilization supplements
  • Vertical mulching
  • Root collar excavation
  • Species-specific fertilizer formulation
  • Organic soil enhancement

Tree Fertilization Techniques

Our experienced arborists care for your trees as if they were their own—from recognizing symptoms of nutrient-deficiency and determining the most effective way to boost your tree’s health through fertilization.

Here are tree fertilization techniques that we use:

  • Surface Application

This is the simplest and most convenient fertilization technique that we do for our clients.

Our technicians use a spreader to distribute granular fertilizer on the soil.

This technique is applicable to any type of tree in California.

  • Subsurface Application

Our technicians apply fertilizer below the ground using specialized tools in this fertilization technique.

It is best applied to trees that are surrounded by turfgrass.

Through either of two methods: the drill-hole and injection, trees get maximized fertilization without the turfgrass robbing the nutrients from the tree’s root system.

  • Tree Injection Method

Our skilled tree technicians perform this fertilizing technique by using a tree fertilizer injector.

This method is a short-term solution that works best for minor nutrient deficiency problems.

Hence, it is most effective when used during the spring, before tree growth.

The training and experience of our specialists will ensure that your growing trees will not have holes, which may be a cause of improper application of this technique.

Proper Amount of Fertilizer to Use

In our tree treatment services, Golden Gate Tree Removal certified arborists consider all factors that affect the amount of fertilizer to use.

We have specialists who conduct careful observation and who possess the knowledge of plant physiology to recognize symptoms of nutrient-deficiency.

They include a rigid and thorough soil test to determine how much fertilizer your trees need.
The factors considered before finalizing the amount of fertilizer to be applied include:

Feeding California Trees


Fertilizing Tree from Golden Gate Tree Removal

Trees are one of the dominant features of California landscapes. The Pelican State has an abundance of great native and exotic trees to select for home, commercial, and public area landscapes.

Some of the trees that complete these landscapes include the Southern live oak, Southern magnolia, and bald cypress.

Because landscapes are artificial habitats, periodic applications of fertilizers to the soil are needed to replenish essential mineral elements and to promote healthy growth.

Golden Gate Tree Removal has a premium program of tree fertilization services in California that is well established to provide optimum nutrition to make and keep your trees stronger, healthier, more attractive, and live longer.

Call us now and let the best specialists in tree fertilization take care of the health of your trees.

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