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California Arborist – High Standard Tree Management Services

Trees are an important part of a California property. They are a living investment that offers a tremendously important role in the environment and in the overall ambiance of our home or property.

You get a more whole and complete feeling when there are trees around your structure apart from the level of security and privacy that they offer. This is where a tree arborist in California comes in.

Some of the most popular and best trees for California landscapes that arborists work with include Southern live oak, Southern magnolia (the state flower), bald cypress (the state tree), crape myrtles, deciduous oaks, Southern sugar maple, hollies, vitex, Sweetbay magnolia, and pines.

What is a Certified Arborist?

Golden Gate Tree Removal is a team of friendly and licensed arborists working within California. They have tree surgeons or local arborists who are individuals trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees.

More so, their arborists are ISA certified. The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) provides an arborist certification which is a non-governmental, voluntary process where individuals can document their base of knowledge.

All of our certified arborists have achieved a level of knowledge in the art and science of tree care through experience and bypassing a comprehensive examination developed by some of the nation’s leading experts on tree care.

Arborist Services From Golden Gate Tree Removal

arborist cutting a tree - Golden Gate Tree Removal If you need proper care for your tree in California, we provide this as an investment with a promise that you will get substantial returns. We take care of your trees to keep them attractive so that they will continue to add value to your property.

With the premium services from our arborists, your trees will never become a liability.

Here are the services our arborists provide to help you maintain your living investment:

Tree Pruning

As California arborists, we are committed to determining what type of pruning is best for your tree to maintain its health, appearance, and safety. We prune trees with skill and safety using the proper equipment.

We perform all types of pruning work and help retain the beauty and aesthetics of individual trees while meeting the necessary objectives of the work.

Whether your desired outcome is to allow more light to pass through a tree or to reduce its overall size, we always prune as sympathetically as possible to the tree’s natural form.

Tree Removal

Our arborists can help determine whether or not your tree should be removed.

We suggest tree removal as the last resort once your tree cannot be saved due to ill health or when it poses danger to humans, living circumstances, and other structures in your property.

We are very experienced with complete tree removals, using our extensive range of machinery.

We ensure that your tree is removed safely avoiding any damage to your surrounding area. We also offer a stump grinding service to remove the base of the tree and root ball if needed and required.

emergency tree care - Golden Gate Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Care

When storms cause major damage to trees in California, our team can safely remove trees or trim them to lessen the long-term damage it can cause to the surrounding property.

Tree Work

Golden Gate Tree Removal is an arborist in California, specializing in all aspects of tree surgery carrying out a high standard for all tree projects we accomplish.

We recognize there is a constant trade-off between aesthetics, light and space, conservation, and most importantly, safety.

We always work to harmonize all of the above aspects while delivering a first-class service. We do our best to recycle and reuse the trees we work on and reduce our carbon emissions.

Our green goals include minimizing our impact on the natural environment in which we work.

Tree work services that we perform are:

  • Addressing diseased, dying, or dangerous trees

    Trees have a natural life span that can be dramatically reduced when they are managed badly or through poor quality or incorrect pruning. It is very difficult for a tree to regain its natural form when the knock-on effect of poor management has surfaced.

    Hence, we offer only the best tree work services in addressing diseased, dying, or dangerous trees to prevent these future issues.

    We do remedial action when you have a tree that is in decline. Our specialist will determine the condition of your tree, its stability, whether it’s suffering from a disease, and your tree’s safety.

    We will do necessary remedial actions to lighten the crown, reduce dangerous aspects, and help your tree regain stability. But in the case where your tree needs to be felled immediately, we have many tried and tested techniques that allow us to safely work on such trees.

  • Planting

    We are tree specialists who know the right tree to plant in the right place. This is valuable knowledge that impacts the long-term health of your tree. Our tree technicians can also help you by recommending the appropriate tree for your desired location and assist you in proper planting.

    Part of the planting services we offer as California arborists include:

    • Fertilization
    • Insect control
    • Cabling
    • Aeration
    • Lightning protection
  • Roadside Management

    Our years of experience in roadside work ensure the safety of the public and our tree technicians while working on the highways. We undertake a lot of roadside work, diligently following the regulations set out by the state of California. hands holding a baby trees to plant - Golden Gate Tree Removal

    We have our own signage and we can provide full traffic and pedestrian management systems if necessary.


Arboreal Service Providers from Golden Gate Tree Removal

California is known for its extensive parks and beautiful, historic trees that deserve only the best possible care. If you have a tree in your property anywhere in California, you should trust only the best, experienced, and well-established arborist with its care and preservation.

Golden Gate Tree Removal brings a wealth of botanical knowledge accompanied by skill, training, and experience to each and every tree project.

Our team of certified and professional California arborists provides a high standard of tree management services to domestic, public service, and commercial customers.

We are happy to advise and work with you to care for your trees in California! Contact our Arborist in California now!

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