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About Tree Removal Services That Keep Your Trees In Good Shape

We combine our years of experience in providing exceptional tree care with the latest industry standards and the best techniques and equipment for our tree removal services.

At Golden Gate Tree Removal, you are assured that safety is always paramount—yours, ours, and that of your property and belongings.

Our trained and fully-insured tree technicians will fully protect everything and everyone during the process.

Safe and Reliable Tree Removal Services

Golden Gate Tree Removal is a team of highly trained tree surgeons with all the necessary machinery and equipment to safely and effectively remove a tree.

We avoid all nearby hazards including property, sheds, greenhouses, phone wires, flowerbeds, lawns, and other structures.

You can rely on our clean work because we leave the site clean and tidy with minimal disturbance to your site’s surroundings.

Our safety measures include the use of ropes, harnesses, and lowering devices that we check regularly to ensure that we are always using safe and well-maintained equipment.

We adhere to the strict inspection regulations for tree technicians and companies offering tree services.

Safe removal of trees is what our team has been trained for.

We specialize in felling trees from the ground with our expert forestry techniques.

We also do sectional dismantling of trees with our state-of-the-art rigging and lowering devices to piece a tree of any size down in sections.

Why You Need Tree Removals

Many business owners and homeowners are clueless about tree removal services.

Even if trees are an aesthetic part of a residential or commercial landscape, they can also be a nuisance or a source of danger.

Different properties have different layouts, which oftentimes makes tree removal a difficult task.

For this purpose, we have skilled tree technicians who have years of experience removing trees.

They will ensure that your renovation on your property involving tree removal will be done correctly.

No matter the size and location of your tree that needs to be removed, our team will help you achieve your tree removal goal.

Here are some of the reasons tree removal services will be beneficial for you:

  • The tree is getting weak due to ill health
  • The tree is a potential danger to people or nearby property
  • The tree is causing structural damage to buildings or properties
  • The tree has become too large for its location
  • The tree is blocking out light
  • The tree’s proximity to powerlines

Factors That Affect the Cost of Tree Removals

residential tree removal in louisiana - Golden Gate Tree Removal

You will have to prepare to spend around $400-$2,000 to remove a tree.

Extreme projects hit $2,000 while small tree removal costs only $200.

The factors that would affect the price you will be charged for tree removal include:

  1. Accessibility and job complexity

    If there are power lines, fences, other buildings, and structures near the tree that needs to be kept safe and unharmed, you will expect additional charges.

    There should also be enough space for tree technicians to work.

    Inaccessible trees increase the price by 25% to 50%.

    If your tree is right next to your house or powerlines, a certified lineman or the utility company will be required to handle anything dealing with power lines.

    In short, less time and preparation for tree removal will cost you less.

  2. Size

    Trees that have a bigger circumference are harder to remove compared to smaller trees.

    Hence, bigger trees will cost you more.

    Our tree specialists will give you a reasonable cost for our tree removal services after they have assessed the size of your tree.

  3. Tree Species

    Different species grow to different heights. Tree heights are usually categorized into:

    • Small – under 30 feet
    • Medium – 30 to 60 feet
    • Tall – 60 to 80 feet
    • Extreme – 80 feet and over

    Taller trees will cost more to remove.

    It will take more time and equipment to limb out and cut them down because they pose more potential for damage to surrounding buildings, property, and public utilities.

    Some tree species have complex trunk systems and have varying numbers of limbs with different densities.

    Some states and cities also protect certain species. This means there will be more red tape to remove.

  4. Overhead, local tax, and licensing requirements

    Areas in California with high costs of living and heavy regulations will require you to pay more compared to small towns.

Tree Removal Steps

louisiana tree removal company - Golden Gate Tree Removal

Leave your tree removal work to us.

Here are our typical tree removal steps to help you know how we do the job:

  1. We clear the area to make room around the tree for it to lay flat on the ground once it comes down.
  2. We carefully examine and determine the best direction the tree should fall.
  3. We do an undercut after scoping out the area. A V-cut at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the side where the tree will fall on will be made.
  4. We make a back cut at the opposite side of the tree about two inches above the undercut. This will release the stress on the tree trunk.
  5. We use the right equipment to cut down the tree

Why You Need Our Professional Expertise for Tree Removal

Golden Gate Tree Removal can deal with any need for tree removal services in California. We have tree technicians and arborists who are certified and properly trained.

Our specialized equipment makes it possible for us to handle tree removals, no matter the size of the job.

The reasons why you should consider hiring Golden Gate Tree Removal for your tree removal projects are:

  • We do the job in an efficient way, with the entire process finished and cleaned before you even arrive at the site.
  • We do stump removals to avoid the risk of trips and falls
  • We also remove all roots to prevent the risk of underground problems in the future
  • We have a certified arborist who can take a look and evaluate your tree to give you peace of mind when you are undecided about whether or not a tree needs to be removed.

At Your Service

We at Golden Gate Tree Removal take your best interest at heart.

We treat every tree, hedge, and client individually.

We always treat your property as if it were our own and protect it from any danger that tree removal can bring.

We always leave the site clean after accomplishing what you expected.

We have a professional arborist and skilled tree technicians who will coordinate with you during the preparation and removal process to ensure success for the project.

They are knowledgeable and skilled allowing us to remove safely any species and size of the tree in residential and commercial properties.

Contact us to get tree servicing tips and free tree evaluation for tree health care or removal.

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